Eating Intuitively

Totally geeking out over here!

My newest book purchase has finally come in: *Intuitive Eating*.

It’s something we did as children (that is, we intuitively ate). But through diet culture or peer influences or poor teaching from family/society/media/(and yes, the health industry itself) etc. many of us have lost the art and skill of really listening to our bodies when it comes to food.

You know the scenario: we restrict something (be it carbs or calories or whatever)–> we do good for a time–> temptation creeps in–> we start feeling weak–> we eventually eat the “forbidden food(s)” (sometimes even bingeing)–> we feel like a failure– > we are riddled with guilt–> then (like we always have before) we get “back on the bandwagon”–> we try again–> we hope this time we have a bit more “willpower” to reach our goals.

But what if there were no more bandwagons to get on?
What if we could quit “dieting” for good?
What if there were no more “no-no” foods?
What if there were no more feelings of failure?
What if we could freely eat the foods we love without guilt?
What if we knew with clarity our hunger and fullness cues?
What if there were no more binges?
What if potlucks, family dinners, eating out, etc. no longer freaked us out?
What if we could actually feel good in our own skin/love our bodies?
What if the scale had no more power over us?
What if it was possible that food could stop consuming our thoughts all the time?

Well, I’m giving this IE thing a go with my bestie.

I’m ready for some food freedom!

Live awakened.  Live fully alive.

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We ARE Missionaries

Whenever I think of Christian missions, my mind is immediately flooded with images of far-off lands and languages and lifestyles so so very different from my own. I see a huge array of differing cultures and ethnic groups and fashions and foods. I see world wide travel… by plane, boat, Range Rover or elephant. I envision schools being built or tribal groups being taught the Gospel or Bibles being translated or medical teams healing. I imagine return visits to the States for furlough and funds/support being built up… visits to churches and slide shows of their many experiences.

I’ve sat wide-eyed many a time for these missionary stories. It’s always fascinated me… to travel, to see the world, to meet cultures and people so strange, to learn different languages, to live with little, to trust God with everything, to preach and spread the Good News, to help, to serve, to give…

One main thread I consistently heard from listening to all these missionaries is that it was never about “them”… rather it was all about God and other people. They sacrificed creature comfort and personal ambition to glorify God by sharing Jesus with lost people. Even in the face of possible persecution or suffering, their lifeblood was evangelism and discipleship.

Deep down I have always wanted to be a missionary… or at least to have a clear life mission… to be on an adventure… just me and God… possible travel… possible language learning… always Gospel sharing…

But obviously God had other plans for me. Just one week after graduating from college I met “the one” and we were married and pregnant a year later. And the babies kept coming… And then we decided in the midst of all this baby-making to embrace homeschooling. It seemed as though my “possibly being a missionary” dreams would never come to fruition. I had to allow new dreams to be made for me.

But just this week it struck me…

Did my dreams of evangelism and discipleship *really* need to die?
Were those passions *really* something that needed to be put on the back-burner or ignored all together until my babies were all grown and I had more time?


Well… the travel aspect of missions is probably out. Looks like hubby and I are stuck where we’re at the for the time being. Hubby owns his own business, which tends to keep us grounded where we’re at. Although… we are both open to God calling us to travel and/or live elsewhere. But right now, here we remain.

BUT… as I was reading through the Scriptures this week, it dawned on me…

I *AM* a missionary!

Though I’m not working through an organization or agency or church… nor am I being sent out to foreign lands… I can (and SHOULD) be preaching the Gospel and growing people up in Christ (esp those little babes of mine). I can (and SHOULD) bring Christ to the lost people that are in my sphere of influence. I can (and SHOULD) be looking for ways to love, serve, meet needs, share, give, etc so that 1) others may come to know Christ for the first time, or, 2) that fellow believers may be strengthened and encouraged to deepen the relationship they already have with God.

Perhaps this is a DUH moment here…
but thinking about myself operating as an independent missionary for Christ has really got me thinking on some other levels as well…

Ok, for example… say I *was* doing official missionary work under an organization or agency, just how different would my life look? IF I actually had to answer to “someone” on how I spend my time, money, energy, resources, etc… how I manage my home, kids, and possessions, etc… IF “someone” actually saw my schedules, my commitments, my habits, my attitudes, my lifestyle, etc…
Would I live my life differently? Knowing I had to report to “someone”?…
Would “they” be pleased with my evangelism and discipleship practices? Would “they” be pleased with how I love God and love others with my behaviors and attitudes and actions and words? Would “they” be pleased with how I manage my finances?

These were some deep, penetrating thoughts.

Now I fully realize this is a total WHAT IF situation…


In the end, I *WILL* answer to Someone (God) for how I lived my life and used my skills and abilities to further His kingdom. I *WILL* have to answer to Someone (God) how I used my life and resources and talents for Him and His glory.

I don’t necessarily have a human entity to whom I have to answer to…

But I have God… and His opinion matters far more

WOULD I live my life differently if I had to answer to “someone”?
If so, how?

So yeah… that’s what I’ve been pondering this week. It’s making me really take a look at what I do and say and weigh things out more carefully. I want God to be pleased with my life– so if there be any unpleasing way within me, I want to totally get rid of it. I want God to look at my actions and words and behaviors and tendencies and habits and be PLEASED.

To end on a discipleship note, I am thinking about starting a Bible study in my home this Fall (never done that– new territory). I heard one of the Tripp brothers wrote a new-ish book on marriage entitled “What Did You Expect?” Catchy title. ha ha. I like the sounds of that. 😉 And I’m hearing lots of good reviews on it. Have any of you read it? Is it good? And since I’m new to starting a Bible study, do you, my readers, have any tips or ideas on how to get this going? I’m all ears.