Staying Motivated to Work Out During Pregnancy

I follow several fitness pages & people on Facebook. Here are my FAVS (in no particular preferential order):
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In one of the pregnancy fitness pages, a young lady was asking for motivation to work out. If I remember right, she was about 6 months along.

The first thing that popped into MY mind was: find a goal!
There’s something about having a goal or an image or an aspiration to cling to. It REALLY helps get you off the couch and moving.

An upcoming vacation? A sport you want to try? A race you’d like to run? A class at the Y you’d like to try out? An old swim suit or pair of jeans that you’d LOVE to get back into? Getting off medications for blood pressure or diabetes? Just want to be able to play and keep up with your kids or grandkids? etc.

For me, I have several motivations:
1) I want labor & delivery *and* post-partum recovery to run smoothly and quickly and easily.
2) I have a gnarly varicose vein on my right leg that I *know* will flare up if I eat poorly or gain too much weight. Personally, I want that bad boy managed. I do NOT want to be miserable the rest of this pregnancy. Or worse yet, be couch-bound because I have to keep it elevated all the time.
3) I want and *need* the energy to keep up with my soon-to-be (7) children, homeschool, house duties, and whatever else I’m involved in with hubby/friends/family/church/& community. I do NOT want to always be tired or to have to say “no” to things cuz I can’t keep up.
4) I’m in a fitness & clean eating Facebook group where we have to report in daily with what we did exercise/food-wise. ❤❤ my ladies!!! ❤❤ the accountability!!!
5) I use a social media app called YouFood that connects me with people across the world. In this app I post my daily food intake and exercise… I can also share my food/fitness journey, post my groceries, share tips, or start a discussion. It’s SO useful. People can “like” what I post and also make comments. It’s a great tool, esp if you’re like me and can’t stand calorie counting. And I can get food/exercise ideas and inspiration from others. Both iPhones & Androids can use it.
6) I want to join roller derby after this baby is born. And that is a highly demanding physical activity. One in which I do NOT want to be starting out with cold turkey. If I can maintain fitness throughout my pregnancy, that will help drastically in getting in shape post-partum for derby.

Having these goals at the forefront of my mind really, truly helps me get off my hiney and onto my exercise mat each day!

So what motivates YOU? What gets you moving even if you don’t “feel” like it?



Weight Loss Progress

Ok… so I have carried 7 full term pregnancies within the span of 12 years. It’s taken it’s toll. BUT I refuse to give up and give in. I choose to fight and work HARD to stay healthy… for myself, my husband, my children, and my future. God has plans for me to accomplish here on earth and I want to make sure that I am healthy and strong to face them and get them done! It’s been a long hard path. SO MUCH hard work.

Not sure about everyone else, but I definitely noticed a metabolism shift after I hit 30 (I’m now 35). I started having babies when I was 22 and back then (in my 20’s) it was a *breeze* to lose the baby weight. By 6 months post partum I was always donning my pre-preggo clothes. Boy, was I blessed with a great metabolism!

But then came a cocktail of things in my early 30’s. A definite shift in my metabolism, for sure. But in 2010, I had a stillbirth at 37 weeks. 3 months later, I conceived and carried to term our youngest son. And then 15 months later conceived and carried our youngest daughter to term. Boom. Boom. Boom. My body went through a *lot* in a very short amount of time and it has been SUPER hard to lose the baby weight.

Our youngest is now just shy of 21 months of age and I am FINALLY comfortably wearing pre-pregnancy clothes.

So here are some before pics (taken in summer of ’13) and after pics (taken this winter):


big me


little me 2 little me 3 little me

I’m *comfortable* where I am weight-wise.
Just wanting to firm up and get strong/muscled.
I’d like to see what I could accomplish fitness wise.

Right now, I’m really focusing on upper body strength. My hubby and I are participating in a Spartan Race this spring and SO many of the obstacles require incredible upper body strength. My legs are very strong and I can run, but my arms are weak (hence the desire to do Potty Push-Ups—> see last post). I also got for Christmas a chin up bar that fits in a door frame. I’ve been trying my hand at that too but can only do 2 push ups max, LOL. Got a ways to go in order to be able to kick booty for the Spartan Race. Upper body strength and comfortably being able to do burpees is key for a Spartan Race!