Bag, Bag, Bag!

We save money by reusing bags. All kinds of bags. Like…




Be it snack, sandwich, quart, or gallon baggies, often times you can reuse them.

Now, if I’m storing something greasy or slimy (like pepperoni or a hotdog)… or something super fragrant (like an onion or garlic toast)… or something sticky (like prunes)… I most likely won’t reuse bags.

But if I was storing something benign like crackers, Cheerios, peanuts, M & M’s, candy, etc., I will most definitely reuse the bag. Why waste and throw away? Either shake out crumbs (if there is any)… maybe do a quick rinse if necessary (and set out to air dry)… and reuse it for later.

Reuse for food, of course.

But I’ll also reuse old bags for getting rid of stinky stuff: like poopy diapers or rotten leftovers. Seals in the smell. PU

Or if I’m throwing away something liquid-y but chunky (like a soup that died in the fridge), something I don’t want to run down the drain, I’ll dump it in an old baggie and then thrown away in the regular kitchen trash.


Who else keeps a “bag of bags”? Come on, show of hands.

Well, we sure do. Those bags are SO dang useful. (Thanks Walmart & Kroger!) We seriously use them all.the.time.

Biggest most consistent use for us is as bathroom trash can liners. They fit perfectly. I know, not terribly classy, but they work and it saves us money. I’ll often leave a bag or two at the bottom of the trash for ease of emptying out the trash the next time.

We also will use them for poopy diapers. Thankfully Miss Little Lamb is still exclusively breastfed and so her poo’s don’t smell too bad. But man, when they start eating solids, HELLO. This isn’t quite as effective at trapping in smells as a seal-able baggie, but these do work well enough to at least get it out to alley trash without dying.

But for storing, carrying, and all around every day usage, can’t beat these bags!


And weekly grocery shopping.

We’ve used these bags for SO long. Yeah, some of those are Windows 7 bags. That’s dating them. But they are so useful. Since we do 90% of our shopping at Aldi, it saves us $$ each week, that we don’t have to purchase bags to take our groceries home in. I know it’s only pocket change, but it adds up. Especially if you’re purchasing weekly groceries for a family of 9!


There’s a monetary gain to reusing bags… but yeah, it’s also better on the environment as well.

So reuse those bags! 🙂


Miscellaneous stuff in my kitchen

Ahhhh… LOVE a cleared off kitchen counter!!!


Homemade dishwasher soap:
1 C washing soda
1 C borax
1/2 C coarse salt
Pour 1 heaping Tablespoon into the soap dispenser.
Then drizzle in a little actual dish soap (like Dawn or Palmolive, etc).
IF you are using ultra strength dish soap, use like 5 drops!
Easy. Effective. VoilĂ !


So by now, you’ve probably figured out that I hate wasting food. LOL
Here’s what I do with all the celery tops: I save them,
bag them, and store them in the fridge for later usage.
I’ll chop them and add them to soups, stir fries, stuffing, salads, etc.
Basically adding them to anything I’d want a celery flavor in.



In the first picture posted you can see our coffee, sugar, and flour canisters.
With that set came this bread box.
I’ve never owned a bread box previously.
But now that we’ve had one, I will *always* have one! Why don’t people ever talk about the importance of having one of these things?!
It makes a HUGE difference, folks!
Our bread stays fresh for SO long!
Love it!
If you struggle with your bread drying out too quickly,
consider purchasing one of these!