Aluminum Foil Dryer Balls?

So I’m getting low on dryer sheets and instead of running to the store to replenish, I figured I’d research online some dryer sheet alternatives.

Everyone seems to be talking about the  many dangers of dryer sheets… they apparently contain high degrees of garbage that are especially dangerous to the health of children.

And then there’s my youngest son, Master Bam-Bam. He has several allergies and there’s always been a nagging thing in the back of my head that perhaps some of his skin issues may stem from what chemicals I launder with. Hmmmm.

So I wanted to try a healthy alternative. Of course there’s wool balls. But I just don’t have any of those handy. 😉 There’s tennis balls… but I don’t have any of those just lying around the house either.

What to use? What to use?

That’s when I came across a most interesting article: 

You can use WHAT?! instead of dryer sheets?

There, it was suggested to use aluminum foil! Most intriguing. I just have to give it a try! I def have aluminum foil on hand.

So here’s my mini homemaking adventure today. I sure had LOTS of laundry to do, as (3) of our kids were up puking last night. Whew.

It was suggested though, that in order to soften your clothes naturally, to add 1/4 Cup of either baking soda or white vinegar to the wash… then finish it off with the aluminum ball in the dryer.

First load is in as I type. We’ll see how it goes!!


*Has anyone else ever used aluminum foil balls in your dryer? How did it work?

*If you don’t use traditional dryer sheets, what do you use?

*Has anyone had a child that has had skin issues due to chemicals that you washed with?

Master War Bird’s Perfect Sunny Side Up Eggs

Instead of using my children’s real names (in an attempt to protect their online privacy), together the children and I created fun alias’s for each:

Child one: Miss Fashionista
Child two: Master War Bird
Child three: Little Miss Seamstress
Child four: Master Lieutenant
Child five: Master Bam-Bam
Child six: Miss Pebbles

I thought they did good picking names. 🙂

So… this blog post is all about Master War Bird’s infamous and PERFECT sunny side up eggs. He has far SURPASSED me in the egg cooking department, and at this moment in time he’s only 10. Seriously, this kid has amazing budding culinary skills. I’m quite impressed.

So without further adieu…

Start off with a good amount of real butter (NOT oil or anything else), approx 2 dollops of this size.

2015-05-06 10.43.54Cook on medium low heat.
Season with paprika, minced dried onion, and garlic salt.
Cover with lid.
Check often. Keep a very close eye on it.
As *soon* as the white around the yolk is fully cooked, it’s done!
Turn off heat & *immediately* remove from pan
2015-05-06 10.35.27Voila!
If you used enough butter, it should basically just slide out of the pan.
Especially good served over a buttered piece of toast.

2015-05-06 10.35.52Master War Bird makes a seriously excellent/mean egg.

2015-05-06 10.36.29This can easily be replicated in a bigger pan with more eggs.