Reflections upon today


1. Find joy in the journey… TRUTH.

Sometimes I find myself so focused on goals and aspirations that I forget to enjoy the actual journey getting to that end. But if we would just take a moment to slow down, walk (not run), savor the “now”, breath in deep the ordinary… there’s so much to see and experience. There’s so much life right here, right now. Let’s not miss it!


2. Buying decorations for St. Patrick’s Day today.

I’m a sucker for holiday window clings. They’re just so fun! I have them for each of the holidays. They just make me smile. 🙂 And holiday decorations in general– they keep the house fun and happy all throughout the year.

3. My oldest daughter today.

She was (is!) just cute as a button. She brought a smile to my face every time I looked at her. A messy, wavy side ponytail… super round, funky gold sunglasses… a cactus t-shirt… Love this sweet sweet child of mine. So confident. So cool. So sure of who she is and what she likes. So full of life and creativity and passion. Lover of fashion and music. She has my heart and always will.

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4. Off to a Lincoln Day dinner with my hubby!

Been going for years. Wouldn’t miss this one. Lovely dinner. Lovely company. Lovely speakers. Yummy food. Always a blessing to attend each and every year. It also makes a lovely date night with my hunny.


5. Winning prizes this evening at the Lincoln Day dinner!!!

I swear my hubby is my lucky rabbit’s foot! With him, we almost always win prizes and free food wherever we go. It’s a thing we always laugh about because it happens all.the.time. No joke. I was never so lucky until I married him and we make out like bandits anytime there’s a raffle drawing or prize contest. Or even at drive thru’s/restaurants (can’t even recall how many times we get free or discounted food. It’s unreal.) Tonight’s raffle won us (2) bottles of BioFreeze (LOVE this stuff!), a 5 gallon car cleaning bucket full of car wax/upholstery & glass cleaners/etc. (*not shown: 2 ball caps, as two of our sons took off with them as soon as we walked in the door), and a $65 coupon for a local hair salon. Luck + prizes = :-).


Had a fantastic day. Hope your’s was, too. Hope you’re learning to find joy and smiles in all of the odds and ends that happen throughout your day.

Until tomorrow…


Happy Valentine’s Day

So today my hubby surprised the family after church with an outing to a local pizzeria for a lunch buffet. We don’t tend to eat out much as an entire fam cuz there are eight of us and it’s *nothing* for us to put down $50 at even something simple such as fast food. But hubby had a coupon– so he treated us to a Valentine’s outing. It was very yummy. And they had gluten free pizza (probably the best in our small town!). The owner even surprised us and brought us out a gluten free dessert pizza with chocolate and peanut butter on it. My kids were just ecstatic– you should have seen their bulging eyes and slacked jaws! It was such a treat.

And this evening, we have some close friends coming over for dinner and cards. Dinner is Leftover Surprise, where we all just share what’s left in our fridges. Someone else’s leftovers are always yummier than what’s in your own fridge, right? Golly, I honestly don’t know if I even have *room* for more food. That buffet tipped the scales. Of course with my blossoming tummy (I’m currently 20-1/2 wks pregnant now), I can’t eat much food before feeling “full”. It might be more us feeding them dinner. LOL. Oh well, the company will be great regardless.

It’s been, and it will be, a great Valentine’s Day.

So how are YOU celebrating? Doing anything special? Got some super fun plans? I’d love to hear what you are up to today!

happy v day