Moments of Happiness

Learning to live in the moment and savor the simple things in life…


1- New skills learned.

Went to a homeschool co-op Mom’s Night Out this week. It was “Crochet Night.” I had NO CLUE how to crochet but I was assured food and fellowship… so I went.  🙂

My mom showed me (years ago) how to do it. A lot of my crafty girlfriends do it. But me? Nope! It was challenging at first. And I’ve made several mistakes along the way. But I do find it fun. And I’ve been sticking to it these past couple of day. It gives me time to slow down and think. Gives me something to do with my hands. I’m creating. Who knew I sorta have a crafty bone in my body? And isn’t this color fun?!


2- Warm(er) Spring days when the kids are busting down the door to play outside after a long winter.

So long as they pick up after themselves, I don’t mind kid messes as all. It’s a sign of life and creativity and imagination. I sit here on the steps outside watching my little ones play and laugh and squeal with delight. It seriously warms my heart. They are so full of life and play and adventure. I truly LOVE being a mom. So thankful for a day of warmer temps. It’s 60F or so and my kids insist on running around outside barefoot. The cool doesn’t phase them in the least. I am SO thankful for Spring coming!!! Bring on happiness and sunshine!


3- On the topic of Spring… new growth.

This winter, for me, has been one of conquering strongholds and overcoming things that have been challenging me for the last 4-5 years. For many, this winter has been long and dreary and depressing.  But not for me. It’s been one of growth. So when I see these buds popping forth from the ground, I see a reflection of me and where I am right now in life.


4- As the warmer weather approaches, the neighbors have begun playing music outside by their poolside.

The pool itself isn’t open yet, but my neighbors are starting to play music from their outside speakers. Yet *another* display of the on-coming of Spring!!!


5- Professionally manicured gel nails.

I was originally going to get acrylic nails put back on. But after calling the salon to schedule an appointment, I was convinced to first give gel nails a try. After my first gel nail application with my beautician, I was sold. I LOVE them! I keep my nails. They remain healthy. They’re absolutely gorgeous. So thankful for something so simple as beautiful finger nails!

Today I went in and got mint green and sparkles, in prep for St. Patty’s Day. LOVE it!




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