I’m Back

Yikes. I haven’t blogged since Oct 27! That’s 2 months!

I didn’t mean for that to happen… but… (yep, here’s my list of excuses)… 1) I was going through some nasty morning sickness with Baby #7 that left me down and out on the couch, 2) when I finally did start feeling better, I got hit with a nasty cold (flu?) that, once again, left me down and out on the couch, 3) my laptop died and my hubby had to get me another one, and then 4) the holiday’s struck.

So here I am, two months later, still pregnant (nearing 14 weeks!), done with the morning sickness, almost over my cold (flu?), the proud owner of a “new to me” laptop, and the only holiday on the horizon is New Years. Wait, we do have one more family Christmas this coming Saturday, but that’s it.

*huge sigh of relief*

You should seriously see my long neglected to-do list. It’s staggering. Survival mode is for the birds, man. It was a chore just to get food on the table these past two months. But I miraculously was also able to do school (from my perch on the couch) and prep and participate in Christmas (mostly from my perch on the couch as well). We are so far behind we haven’t even mailed out our Christmas family photo cards yet. Well… better late than never I suppose. Hope to get on that tonight.

During my many on-the-couch-perch-times, I’ve had a lot of time to think about things. One of those things being this here blog… Hubby came to me the other day about whether or not to pay for the renewal of this site… do I want to continue blogging? I honestly didn’t know what to tell him.

That man… he actually went back and read ALL my posts here on Momma Duck… all the way through, no skimming. He was so impressed that he decided on his own accord to renew my website for another year. He didn’t wait for my response. Later he came to me and strongly encouraged me to keep writing.

He says I have a gift. A GIFT! That’s pretty cool to hear because it seems like the only things I’m “gifted in” is diaper changing and maybe cooking.

But writing? He thinks I’m gifted at writing? Wow…

Honestly, at any given moment I have SO much bumbling around in my head. And I write in my journal all.the.time. But so many articles go unpublished. Why?


I fear putting my thoughts out there because… I hate rejection. It’s so hard to put yourself out there and possibly face ridicule. Perhaps that’s just how any artist must feel. Your draw, cook/bake, sculpt, sing, write music, etc and many will be touched and encouraged and blessed by your work. But it won’t be for everyone. Not everyone is going to like the same work of art or the same song.

So it goes with writing.

I HOPE that what I say here will reach and warm the hearts of others. But I have to accept the fact that my blog isn’t for everyone. If they don’t like me or my writing, or they’re offended by what I have to say, etc then apparently this blog is not for them. And I need to be ok with that. I just need to write from the heart, write about what inspires me, write about what interests me… and let the pieces fall where they will.

I must let go of my fear.

So with that thought in mind… I’ve decided to take my hubby up on his words of encouragement and WRITE. Starting January 1st, I plan to have new material posted here 2x/wk (still deciding which days) and to keep up weekly/regularly with my Instagram account and my Facebook page. (All those social media links are on the right side bar–>.)

So yeah… that’s what’s been up these past two months… and now you know where I’m heading blogging wise in the future. 🙂


Photo Cred: the-angry-scot.blogspot.com/


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