My Newest Venture: Social Media Manager

For the last several years, I have toyed around with social media and it’s many flavors and facets. It’s been a tinkering of mine, one such that my husband, although he does not fully understand, has finally accepted.

Can’t quite explain it. Perhaps it’s because deep down I am an introvert and I prefer socializing more behind the scenes, whereas my husband is a face-to-face dude. He’s the extrovert and he THRIVES on people: going to parties and gatherings and holidays or whatever.

Now don’t read me wrong… I like people and I like those social interactions as well… but in a much smaller dose. My hubby could do it all the time. Me? I prefer to have that sort of stuff scheduled so I can mentally prepare for it. Large crowds and constant interaction tend to drain me. I refuel by being alone.

So for me, social media has been a fabulous tool in which to stay connected with people!

Here’s a great article about Extroverts and Introverts: click here!
**Contrary to popular thought, introversion does not necessarily equal shyness.
**A great article on Signs of Introversion.

Another thing that got me going in this direction is when a dear friend of mine started a sewing and alterations business and was wanting help getting a social presence for her biz started. If she really wanted to, she could have sat down and figured it out the hard way. But honestly, she wanted to do her business not study up on SEO and web design and making a Facebook business page, etc. So I cheerfully stepped in to help her get her web presence off the ground and running.

It has been SO fun!

Instead of just “playing around” or “wasting time on the internet” so to speak, I am actually using my skills to boost her business!

#1- I’m realizing how little I really knew about social media. :-O
#2- I’m seriously having a blast figuring things out! 😀

My friend is my “guinea pig” and she’s ok with that. LOL. She’s getting her business out on the web and I am actually getting to use my hobby for a good cause. It’s been a benefit to both of us.

Not sure where this will go. Perhaps as time goes on I can slowly enter the world of starting my own business. We shall see!

In the meantime, my husband and I have scheduled out Wednesday evenings to be MOM time. I can leave or stay. I can do whatever I want (within reason, LOL)… But it’s MY time alone. So Wednesdays are now my time to blog and research and develop my friends’ website, etc.

For so long I kept waiting until I “had the time” to get on my blogs and “play on the internet”. Um yeah… like that’s ever going to happen! Who ever really “has the time”? Certainly not me! I’ve got 6 kids under the age of 12 and we homeschool.

When I started helping my girlfriend with her business though, it dawned on me you have to “schedule” time… you gotta MAKE time!

Now I have the time to update and check and blog and edit pics and research and whatever else my little social media manager’s heart delights in. I look SO forward to it! If I catch myself falling behind during the week, I KNOW I have Wednesday evenings, undistracted time, to get caught up.

Why didn’t I think to do that earlier?!

So yeah… that’s where I am right now. Baby stepping my way into the world of social media.

I’d love to hear from those of you that are in the field or know a thing or two about it. What websites or training do you recommend, tips of the trade, etc?

I’ve really been quite taken by Crystal Paine and all the information she shares on her website: Money Saving Mom. Christy Wright is also a great resource. Also been looking at Social Media Examiner and Amy Porterfield and Sandi Krakowski.

Who else is good to follow? I’m all ears!


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