One of My Favorite Scriptures


I have this verse hanging on the wall in our kitchen/dining room so I can see it often and reflect on it.
It’s kinda turned into my daily mantra.

1- First, I praise the Lord every morning, for He has given me life, breath, and health for another day. For we are never guaranteed a tomorrow. But I’m here today! (yea!)
2- I thank Him that He created me in Christ Jesus (fearfully and wonderfully). It was no accident or cosmic fluke. Down to last curly lock and freckle, He made me just the way He wanted to. Other verses use the word “masterpiece”. I like that!
3- I ask Him what good deeds does He want me to accomplish for Him today. He’s had stuff planned for me to be a part of and to accomplish for Him since before I was even conceived. Stuff only I can do. Stuff I was created to do. I’m here for a grand purpose.
4- Then I ask Him for help and strength to walk in “them”, that is, good deeds. Sometimes life gets hard, things don’t go the way I think they should, bad things happen. Or better yet, I get scared to accomplish some of these “good deeds”, esp if that involves walking into the unknown or public speaking (eek)… I need God! I need His help, His direction, and His strength to get through my days and to accomplish these good deeds that He’s prepared for me long ago.
***Dear readers, what verse(s) have become your favorite(s)? What verse(s) do you turn to most frequently for strength or encouragement?

~~Momma Duck


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