Thoughts on Today

Isn’t this saying so true ⬆️?! The best way *ever* to wake up & start the day. Coffee ☕ gives you that pep in your step, the energy to get started on your tasks. And Jesus ✝️ grounds us, anchors us on God’s truths so we don’t get pushed around/bullied/confused by what’s going on around us.

This was just funny. 😂🤣😂🤣 Anyone else get a good laugh from animal shaming memes?

By the words we think & the words we SAY, we are so in charge of creating the tone for our day. Even if we’re feeling off/sick, we can either make our situation worse OR we can make it better. So much rests in the power of our words.

Life & death are in the power of the tongue.

Words have power.

With words, God created the whole earth & the heavens. With words, Jesus calmed the raging seas & the blowing winds. Jesus IS the word made flesh. God’s word changes people. Let’s ever doubt the power of our own words.

Because we are made in the image of God, we share with Him the ability to create worlds. Obviously not to His magnitude, but nevertheless, we have creative power.

You know the saying, “God won’t give you anymore than you can handle”? Well, it’s not biblical. It’s no where in the Bible! Rather, God *does* give us more than we can handle because He desires us to lean on Him, trust Him, walk with Him, & rely on Him for wisdom/strength.

But He also makes it very clear in His word that we are to not be *anxious*. He is trustworthy & mighty & awesome & capable & loving & GOOD. Lay your cares on Him today!

He is faithful.

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Makes me so happy.
Rejoice always!
This is how to celebrate Xmas! Yes!!!
Daily goals!!!
All it takes is one person. Will it be you?
A Thanksgiving funny.
Marvel the ordinary life.


A happy ocean pic to break up all the darkness of Fall/Winter.
Speaking of season related darkness… BWHA HA HA
My son was loading the dishwasher earlier today and when he was done he looked down at his shirt and said, “Mum, I think Pikachu had an accident!” LOL
Yes, that’s a hairball. And it is my daughter’s. She was cleaning out her brush the other day, wadded it up, & as just as she was about to throw the hairball away, I asked her if I could have it. You should have seen the look on her face. But I had a reason for wanting it. I was wanting to pull a joke on my Littles. My plan was to start coughing with this hairball hidden in my hand, and then at the climax of the coughing fit, I was going to toss the hairball on the table– making it look like I legit coughed up a hairball.
I waited until it was mealtime. It.was.classic.
They TOTALLY fell for it!!! And it was amazing.
Another GREEN pic amidst the gray outdoors.
Not sure I could remember to do all this every-single-day. But it’s def a cool reminder to do self-care & what it could look like for you. SO important.
Thanksgiving is less than a week away!!!
Let’s give thanks DAILY tho for all the blessings God grants us!
Speak truth. Confess it. Pray it out loud over your life.
I think this may be the missing key to successful Christian living in many people’s lives. We believe the Scripture. We hope in it & pray about it & think about it & memorize it. But how many of us actually SPEAK it out loud with our mouths?
There’s so much power in the spoken word of Scripture!
A continued thought on SPEAKING truth over our lives… let us SPEAK LIFE!

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. ~Proverbs 18:21

One final green. 🙂

Post Halloween Funny

I know what I am going to dress up as for next year’s Halloween costume…

A 90’s Homeschool Mom!

I’m gonna rock it.

#WalkInLove #RejoiceAlways

More Happy Things From Today

Faith requires trust.
LOVE this local storefront Christmas window display!!!
So cool.
Burlington finds. I somehow have magically destroyed all my wine glasses with stems.
Gonna go with stemless from now on. 🙂
I couldn’t believe the box, but this one glass holds an entire bottle of wine.
NO I did not drink all this! LOL. #JustTesting
You know your men need a haircut when they can look like this!!! LOL

A few of my favorite things!

Flamingos!!! If there was such a thing as a “spirit animal”,
this would be mine.

My “Walk In Love” bracelet from the Discipleship Walk I just went on.
Plus, multi-(bright) colored silicone wedding bands!
A visual representation of where I am in my life right now.
So tired of doing what I “should” or “ought to” or what everyone expects me to.
So tired of doing what everyone else is doing.
So tired of going with the flow, blending in, trying not to stick out.
Afraid people won’t like or accept me if they knew the real me.
**Well I’m getting off this crazy train.**
I’m starting to live the life that God has designed for me!!!
Found this at the public library today! Can’t wait to delve in!!!
When your sweater tag brings you warm fuzzies cuz it’s absolutely perfect.
The cutest children’s books I just discovered.
Pikachu socks!!!

#WalkInLove #RejoiceAlways